Garage Door Service in Stafford TX


Our technicians provide the latest features for your convenience and safety. These include the PosiLock system that securely locks the door when it is down, preventing intruders from reaching their cars or other possessions. Other features include the Protector System safety reversing sensors that warn you of objects or people in the way as it’s closing, and a smart, energy-efficient sleep mode that reduces opener power consumption to less than one (1) watt. Our customers can also easily program remotes and keypads using the wall control, eliminating the need to climb on a ladder.

You can further secure your garage and doors from the house to it with security options such as self-adhesive window films and frosted glass spray. Our expert technicians are available to install these and other upgrades that will enhance the aesthetics of your home. In addition, we can install a garage door backup that will open your garage door even during a power outage.


Besides keeping your car and household belongings safe from the elements, the garage door also offers security. The best doors are made to resist prying eyes and can be fitted with sensors that stop and reverse a closing door if an object is in its path. This prevents injury or major damage. Regularly scheduling an appointment with a professional for maintenance and inspections will help keep your garage doors working properly and securely.

Many of the modern garage doors are equipped with smartphone apps that allow you to monitor and control the door from a distance. The apps also offer a way to change passwords from a mobile device in the event of a loss or theft. In addition, you can make sure that you have a good lock on your garage door and that the windows are covered so that would-be burglars can’t sneak in to see what’s inside. A good company will be able to advise you on the right garage doors and safety features for your home.


A good garage door service company can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and tune up service that will help to keep your system running efficiently. This includes services like assessing the counterbalance system, lubricating springs and rollers, tightening all screws and bolts, realigning the electronic eyes and adjusting the force pressure on the tracks, hinges and springs.

A Garage Door Service in Stafford TX can also provide you with viable safety tips and guidance about the various safety features available in your system. It is a good idea to make it a point to test these features regularly so that you can be sure that they are functioning properly. For example, you can use a handheld remote to manually operate your door to see how it responds. Ideally, the opener should flash a light or present some sort of warning to indicate that there is an obstruction. If this does not happen, it is time to call a repair service for your garage door.